7 Tips for National Home Ownership Month


June is National Homeownership Month and we thought what better way to celebrate the month than to give you as many home-buyer tips as we possibly could! Becoming a new homeowner is such a great accomplishment and a huge life step for many people. We are here to celebrate you and also be a resource for knowledge and inspiration.




A little bit of history about National Homeownership Month, it was originally called “National Homeownership Week” and was used as a strategy by President Bill Clinton to increase homeownership across the United States.


Then, in 2002, the “Homeownership Week” observance was extended to the entire month of June by the George W. Bush administration according to NationalCalendarDay.com.


There are a plethora of organizations that make homeownership possible, and June is the month to recognize them and what they do for new-homebuyers and first-time homebuyers.


If any month were to shine a spotlight on supporting the American Dream of homeownership, it would be June. Being a homeowner or even a first-time homeowner is no easy feat. Not everyone can obtain such a goal in their lifetime, depending on their living and financial situation.


If in any way you feel like observing the national month celebration you can start by thanking your real estate agent(s), your financial advisors, and people who provided assistance in the process of owning your own home.


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Tips for Homeowners


We are here to be a resource to you in the home-buying and homeownership stages of your life. What better way to celebrate National Homeownership Month than by giving you the best tips and tricks for ease of homeownership?


Listed below are our best tips for homeowners, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have been living in your house for thirty years!


  • Start a homeowners’ binder - This binder will make your life easier and keep all homeowner bills, maintenance receipts, contractor notes, cleaning maintenance calendar, and homeowner insurance bills organized.

    • *Pro-tip: create this binder before you buy your new home so it’s not an afterthought.

  • Put off big projects right-away - Don’t move into your new home and immediately change everything. Being in your new home for a few months allows you to prioritize the most important projects and the not-as-important ones you realize you can live with for a bit longer than you thought when you originally first bought the home!

    • *Pro-Tip: complete small projects like a fresh coat of paint or changing out the floors before moving into your new home.

  • Start an emergency house fund - This should come without saying, but now that you are a homeowner you are the one responsible for the upkeep and maintenance on your new home. And home-repairs don’t always come with warning signs. Better be safe, than sorry and start an emergency house fund for when unexpected expenses arise.

  • Reduce your energy costs - Start by lowering your water heaters’ thermostat to 120 degrees Farenheight since anything above that is too hot for showers for young kids and families.

  • Change out old bulbs to LED - You should change the most-used light bulbs in the most used rooms in your home (kitchen, hallway lights since they are accidentally left on, bathroom, living room, etc) to LED lightbulbs since they last longer than traditional light bulbs and are energy efficient.

    • Nowadays, LED bulbs are much cheaper in price compared to how expensive they were a couple of years ago.

  • Learn where & how to turn off water valve - This sounds like something everyone living in a house should know, and yet this is something most people forget to inform and teach others about.

    • Learn where the water valve is in your house and practice shutting it off in case of an emergency. Those few minutes of not knowing what to do could cost thousands in water damage.

      • *Pro-tip: turn off your water when you are on vacation so you don’t come back to a flooded home if a pipe bursts.

  • Learn to shut off gas & power lines - Just like the water valve, it is important to know where these are located in your home and how to turn them on or off when you need to. Also showing everyone who lives at your home is important to if you are not around or aren’t able to be contacted.

7 tips for new home buyers for national home ownership month


Monthly Cleaning Checklist


Truly, no one enjoys cleaning, but, with a new home, it is fundamental to keep it as clean as possible and keep up on the required maintenance. We thought it would be helpful to create a monthly cleaning checklist to keep handy each month when you decide the house isn’t as spotless as it once was.


We will leave the cleaning products up to you, but following this checklist will keep you organized when cleaning your new home month-to-month.


  • Clean all windows – Remove the screens, clean the windowsills thoroughly

  • Vacuum all furniture – Remove the cushions and vacuum under all furniture

  • Dust the house - Dust above the cabinets, all the air vents, the ceiling fans, floor vents, TV screens, table tops, etc.

  • Scrub the floors – Soap and brush the floor on your hands and knees

  • Deep clean bedding - Make sure all bedding, bathroom towels, kitchen rags are washed

  • Clean out pantry - Inventory all food staples (pantry, freezer, etc.), throw out what’s old, make a master list, and go to the store to replace what’s needed

  • Clean out fridge/freezer - Completely clean out the refrigerator, thoroughly clean inside, then restock with what you need

  • Go through storage - Put anything unused into storage and go through that storage yearly or every couple months


Please feel free to share any of your cleaning or homeowner tips with us. We always enjoy hearing from our readers!

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