21 Easy Recipes for a Memorable Memorial Day


     The unofficial start of summer is almost here with Memorial Day this weekend!

Do you have any plans for the holiday weekend? If you don’t, that is totally okay (I don’t either!). You still have a couple of days to figure things out and put something wonderful together.


Host a BBQ


     One of the best things you can do if you want to keep it low key is to host your own Memorial Day get-together with close family and friends. This allows you to control most of the factors since it will be held at your home or at a local park where you know how long it takes to get there and the surrounding area as well, such as the closest grocery store, or party warehouse.


     Having a BBQ is a great way to cook-out and bring everyone together because the food is relatively simple to make (or buy pre-made!), and there’s plenty of variety for friends and family to bring to your event.


     Some staple food items should be at every BBQ. When you are hosting a get-together at your house, you can tailor a menu to fit your dietary needs and restrictions. These are our suggestions, but please feel free to share with us your must-have BBQ menu items in the comments below!


Here’s our list of food items to have at your next BBQ:


Easy dill pickle pasta salad recipe for summer


We know this is going to vary by household and by region, but this list should get you started with some inspiration for your holiday spread.



Cookie Buffet


      If cooking or grilling seems like it might be too much work for the little time that’s left to plan something, having a potluck style dessert bar is another way to bring everyone together just-in-time for the fireworks!


     A dessert bar or a cookie buffet is a great way to do something later in the afternoon and is a sweet way to end the holiday. All your guests need to bring is themselves and some type of dessert or something that can be consumed with a dessert like ice cream, popsicles, or whipped cream.


     A cookie buffet is a great way to keep a gathering simple and sweet. Everyone brings their best homemade cookies with them or brings the best store-bought cookies they can purchase.


     Once you have all the desserts, you set up all the cookies in a big spread just like a buffet. Just double check with all guests beforehand that there are no food allergies or dietary restrictions with your guests.


     Most bakers already have their go-to “classic” pie recipes handed down to them from older generations, so these ideas we found are not as traditional as what you might find at most Memorial Day gatherings. And that’s to keep things fresh and keep your guests excited with variety. Plus, then you can share new recipes with them for future parties!


Here are some great cookie and dessert ideas for Memorial Day:


summer lemon blueberry whoopie pie recipe


     We would love to hear from you and what you have planned this Memorial Day? We are always looking for suggestions of local events, so leave us a comment (or two!) below of your plans for the holiday and if you have any special cook-out recipes to share!


     We remember all those who have served and those who are currently serving our country. We appreciate your service and dedication to this country and its people. Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day!

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