Before the bad weather strikes...


     No one ever plans to be in a tornado's path, but Mother Nature’s spirit is crazy and unpredictable. Once a tornado hits your area, you need to be ready to get you and your family to safety. With our lives attached to our smartphones, it’s no wonder there’s a free app available out there that can do just that!


It’s called TornadoFree, and it is a life-saver.


tornado destroys mobile home park Georgia




     TornadoFree is a free app that instantly alerts you when you are in the path of a tornado and provides you with a mapped route to safety. TornadoFree app runs in the background of your phone, receiving regular weather updates.


     The app immediately alerts you if you are in the destructive path of a tornado nearby. The “Map Me Out” button will appear to lead you and your family to the safest escape route. TornadoFree is the first tornado alert app that maps you to safety.


     The app was created as a result of an F4 tornado that hit a 200+ mobile home community in Georgia back in January of 2017. The owner of Big Pines mobile home park, Patrick McKee, went on to inventing TornadoFree and has been promoting it to park owners and mobile home industry leaders alike.


     In the news article, “Dougherty Co. tragedy spurs creation of TornadoFree app” from the local WALB10 news source, Pat McKee is interviewed after creating the TornadoFree app from the devastation that F4 tornado did to his park. The tornado destroyed the homes of at least 100 families and three precious lives. During the interview he stated, "I just sat here and cried," McKee said. "I spent several sleepless nights trying to figure out a solution for this." And out of all the tragedy, he found a solution by creating a Tornado warning app protect not only his residents at his mobile home parks, but many others all over the country.


TornadoFree app map to safety alert when tornado nearby


TornadoFree App Features


     There are some great features to this app as well. Once you download the free, TornadoFree app from either the Apple Store or Google Play, you will get protection 24/7, 365-days of the year. You can feel safer knowing you now have an app on your phone that is meant to protect you from tornadoes.


     Another great feature on this app is the test feature. You can test the app's functionality at any time to make sure you are protected. The built-in timer feature reveals how long until the tornado arrives at your location based off of the tornado’s speed and distance. A loud siren with coordinating text alert will warn you when the dangerous tornado is approaching so that you can be ready to take action.


Great for Community Owners


     Are you a park or community owner? Do you manage a multi-family property? Spread the word to your tenants about TornadoFree to keep everyone in your community safe and protected. If you live in part of the country where tornadoes frequent, it would be useful to download as well since not all homes have a storm-shelter or an underground basement level.


Free to Download


Have you downloaded TornadoFree to your smartphone yet? It’s free, and it’s a life-saving app! If you have any further questions about the TornadoFree app, please don’t hesitate to email You can also visit for more information as well.


Disclaimer - Mr. Pat McKee is a long-time friend and customer of Legacy Housing.

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