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Rain, Rain, Go Away

by Kira Hovancik

Why hasn’t your manufactured home been delivered?


Look for the answer in the skies.
If you live in Texas then you are familiar with the weather’s mood swings. One May, it will be sweltering, and the next day (or later that afternoon) you will want a sweater. Unless we are talking about rain.

In Texas, at least recently (thanks, climate change!) when it starts to downpour, it seems committed to the bit until someone starts rounding up some animals and building a bigger boat. Just saying, it seems like it’s been raining forever.

Texas isn’t alone. Florida? Georgia? I am looking at you too.

What’s that mean to your mobile home?


So, you’ve toured a few homes, and you like what you see. You take the time to pick out a few extra features to make it not just a home but YOUR home. The excitement couldn’t be higher.

And then you wait. And wait and wait.

What is going on with your home, you ask yourself. Well, look up. Is it raining? That’s what is going on with your home.

Manufactured and modular homes cannot be properly set up on the soggy ground. It’s just a no go. And it’s not something you want the pros hedging on because improper installation can have long-term negative impacts on the house.

If it is of any consolation, your dealership and manufacturer aren’t any happier about the situation than you. Rain delays mean they cannot deliver the homes, creating a backup that can close production if it gets too out of control.


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Kira Hovancik
Kira Hovancik
Kira Hovancik is social media manager of Legacy Housing Corporation. She loves all things Tiny Homes, the Dallas Mavericks, Pinterest, -- as well as netflix & chillin with her bff. See more articles by Kira Hovancik