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Room to breath (and more!) - Singlewide Floorplan

by Kira Hovancik

  The featured floorplan this week is our singlewide model 16x64-32C. At 942-square-feet, this Legacy singlewide home offers many standard features with its open floorplan, separate master bedroom, and a plethora of storage space for your family.

Let’s walk through this singlewide home, room-by-room, to see what each space has to offer!

singlewide floorplan for small family


Legacy Kitchen, Pantry, and Dining Room

     The kitchen sits in the upper-left-hand corner of the main room. Dining and living room spaces utilize the rest of the area to create a spacious open floorplan. This floorplan allows for the kitchen area to have free-flowing access to the dining room area, as well as the living room, for ease of entertaining and cross-functionality between all three spaces.

     The kitchen, finished in rolled counterform countertops, have bull-nose edges to create a seamless look and also provide a backsplash where the walls meet the counters. The backsplash also protects against water seeping down the walls into the cabinets, which can cause future damage to cabinets and your interior walls.

     Every element in this kitchen is designed with the customer in mind and built for your family’s lifestyle. A great addition to this spacious kitchen area is the built-in-panty! This pantry space is tall enough to fit your full sized trash can, as well as all your canned and dry goods.

The dining room space fits a full-sized table that can seat four or more family members.

     Next, we move to the living room area right off the kitchen and dining room area. This open living room area allows for a full-sized couch, a coffee table, end tables, a spot on either wall for a TV and entertainment system, floor and table lamps, and space for a cozy recliner! Ample wall space allows for hanging up family mementos and special art pieces to bring your whole space together.


Master Bedroom

Spacious master bedroom fit for king size bed

     Walking into the house, you enter right into the combined living room, dining and kitchen space. If you walk down the hallway to your left, you will pass a utility space fit for your washer and dryer. This hallway leads right into the Master Bedroom and Master Bath!

     Fit for a king-sized bed, two nightstands, a full sized dresser, this bedroom doesn’t make you compromise on space or functionality. The wall across from the bed can fit your flat screen TV or entertainment system, so you can binge watch your own shows after your family goes to bed. The master closet also includes two separate door entrances to share one main closet space next to the master bathroom.

     This area will act as your sanctuary after a long day of work, especially since it is located on the other side of the house from the other respective bedrooms. The two remaining bedrooms will deliver privacy plus personal space.

     Located on the other side of the house are the remaining two bedrooms and remaining bathroom. One optional feature we recommend is an optional door that can be added outside the hallway of the other two bedrooms and bathroom space. This door can section off this part of the house, making it feel more secluded from the rest of the house, useful when guests visit.



     Legacy’s singlewide model is perfect for small families looking for a cozy, furniture-friendly home that will be able to accommodate all their wants and needs. With this functional floorplan, the open living room/dining room/kitchen space allows for families to enjoy the space together and not be separated by joining walls into other rooms. This shared living room space allows for communication to flow throughout the entire room and brings families closer together by creating a fun, shared communal living space.

Kira Hovancik
Kira Hovancik
Kira Hovancik is social media manager of Legacy Housing Corporation. She loves all things Tiny Homes, the Dallas Mavericks, Pinterest, -- as well as netflix & chillin with her bff. See more articles by Kira Hovancik