The American Dream made Affordable!

The Time is Now to go Tiny!

by Kira Hovancik

The trend is Tiny. The time is Tiny. Tiny Houses are the next generation of affordable housing! We feel we make the most liveable Tiny House on the market that have functional floorplans suitable for 21st century living. Our Tiny homes are all under 399 square feet, and there are a couple of floorplans to choose from. The Tiny Hacienda(our best-seller!) has a liveable bedroom that can fit a king sized bed plus nightstands, a private bathroom, tons of built-in storage, a kitchen/dining space, and a living space fit for full sized furniture.

     Going Tiny doesn’t mean giving up your personal space or the ability to have functional storage. There are some tiny houses on the market that are so small that the bed is above the kitchen area, and you have to climb up a ladder to get into bed every night. While those tiny Tiny houses look trendy online and have a very small eco footprint, they are not suitable for everyone! Our Tiny Houses are built 4+ feet wider than most RV’s/campers, and are designed with full-sized furniture-friendliness in mind so that you can personalize your Tiny House to fit your lifestyle needs.

    Another great design feature with our Tiny Homes is the option to add on a covered porch! This allows your Tiny House to have an extended covered lounging area that not only adds square footage, but adds another living space outside your home. Plus the covered porch makes your house look like a home, and less like a fancy shed. Let’s be clear though, there’s nothing wrong with a fancy shed!

    With less square footage that a site-built home, you have a less floor space and countertops to clean which is a huge draw to going Tiny. Many of our customers love having less house to clean and having less clutter in their home. Another huge draw in going Tiny is your Tiny House creates a much smaller eco footprint than a traditional site-built home. Whatever motivates you to go Tiny, we encourage you to check out our Tiny House models and start living Tiny today!

Kira Hovancik
Kira Hovancik
Kira Hovancik is social media manager of Legacy Housing Corporation. She loves all things Tiny Homes, the Dallas Mavericks, Pinterest, -- as well as netflix & chillin with her bff. See more articles by Kira Hovancik