American made single piece I-Beam Frame vs welded 3-piece I-Beams

Have you ever considered if your mobile home foundation started with good materials? Most neglect the little details such as using welded vs a single piece I-beam for the frame. Below we will cover a few reasons why single piece I-Beam are the best way to go.

Using I-beams means that far fewer other support structures are required, which does help to save on costs that are passed to the consumer, while also ensuring greater structural stability. I-beams only consist of one piece of rolled steel throughout, having been manipulated into place, making it more environmentally-friendly and using fewer materials in the manufacturing process. I-beams are resistant to aging. They do not split, crack, or creep with ages and are not vulnerable to termites, mold, and mildew. They also do not warp, rot, or expand when there is an increase in moisture. With an ever-improving steel industry, steel beams will continue to be one of the main components of our modern structures; whether commercial or residential. I-beams, in particular, will remain in demand because of their strength and versatility. Lastly, always ask if its American steel or Chinese steel, American steel tends to last more. These are all benefits passed down by using a solid rolled from one piece vs a “welded” 3-piece I-Beams.


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