The next affordable housing: Tiny Homes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of tiny houses and tiny homes. They make a great news story, but tiny houses are actually a great, liveable way downsize from a traditional house as well as offer a smaller green-footprint since it takes less of everything to maintain it. Not all tiny houses are created equal and that is why we are here to help you with your tiny house hunt!


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What to look for in a Tiny House


When you start looking at tiny houses online, many retailers sell tiny house kits that you are going to have to put together yourself. These kits are a great idea especially if you are very handy and feel confident in building something to this magnitude. They are totally customizable and a great project to work on if you have the time and of course, the craftsman skills. But for most of us humans, purchasing a tiny house that is already built is the best option. 


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You want to make sure the floorplan is spacious for being smaller in square feet. The floorplan really dictates how the small amount is space is used and how functional your living is going to be. Here are some things to look for when you are looking into purchasing a tiny house.


  • Sturdy construction - This is crucial! A tiny home with 2x6 floor joists is ideal because this isn’t a shed turned into a house. This is the home that you live in full time so it must be sturdy. 
  • Master craftsmanship - Check the quality of the cabinets, thickness of the walls, countertop materials. You’ll know if it feels flimsy or is poor quality.
  • Wider interior space - A wider tiny house allows you to fit full-sized furniture in the space comfortably without having everything on top of each other.
  • Functional floorplan - That leads to the next point of looking at the floorplan of the tiny house. You want to live in a space that is liveable, especially if you are downsizing from what you are currently living in. Just because you are going to be living in a smaller house, doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on your comfort level. Being able to have a king-sized bed in the bedroom and a normal-sized couch in the living room is important to a functional space. 
  • Exterior materials - The outside is just as important as the interior. You want a long-lasting residential siding that is hail and termite resistant and a good metal or shingle roof to protect your tiny house from the elements. Smart panel siding looks beautiful and holds up great out in the elements. 
  • Longstanding company - See how long the manufacturer has been in business. If they have only been building homes for a few years, they won’t have the experience that other reputable manufacturers will have. Just something to consider when making such a big financial decision.


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One of the coolest parts of this tiny house movement is that so many tiny homes can be customized. You can build your own tiny house and customize almost everything in it! Once you pick out a floorplan that will work for your lifestyle, you can customize and upgrade almost all the features inside and outside to make your very own, unique tiny house. 


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Our tiny houses are built 4+ feet wider than most RV’s/campers and are designed with full-sized furniture-friendliness in mind so that you can personalize your tiny house to fit your lifestyle needs.



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Tiny Thoughts


The biggest advice I can give about purchasing a tiny home is to make sure your purchase reflects your lifestyle. If you want a tiny house that can be physically moved when you want to move, make sure it is possible because that will affect your lifestyle. If you plan to purchase a tiny home for a family member, make sure it fits their daily and long-term living needs.


Those super small, modern tiny homes with upstairs lofts for sleeping look great and are very cool. And will stay cool for a couple of years. But then the coolness will fade and it won't be as much of a novelty anymore.


In five-plus years from now, are you really going to want to climb into bed every night? And in many of those tiny houses, you can’t even stand up on the bed which seems like that would affect your posture getting in and getting out of bed every day. I say that as I sit here crouched over my keyboard typing this blog, so I might not be the one to talk about posture but you get what I mean. 


When you are ready to start living in your big Tiny House, start your search here!


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