The Ultimate Guide to Legacy Housing's new Ultimate Home Package

Thinking of custom building a new Legacy home and hand-selecting every color and option?   That is a great decision!   Legacy's homes feature a huge selection of interior options and exterior colors ( over 4000 color combinations ) that are sure to please and will create the perfect home to match your family's personality through and through. 

For those of you who just aren't satisfied with our standard selection & want the ultra-luxe look, we have the perfect solution!  Our Ultimate Home upgrade package is perfect for families looking to take their new home to the next level.  Featuring brand new interior color selections, cabinet door upgrades, flooring upgrades, and a beautiful new pine countertop,  you can have the ultimate Legacy home on your block.

For a few thousand dollars more, our Ultimate Home package can be upgraded to any 16 or 32-wide home we build out of our Fort Worth, Texas factory.  Built with our Classic/Heritage Collection standard features and over 40+ upgrade items, components, and color selections, this package will increase your homes visual appeal, inside and out, as well as it's functionality.

Included Ultimate Upgrades are:

Construction Upgrades

- R-33 Roof Insulation - Increased roof insulation helps your roof and attic space be more insulated to prevent air loss. 

- Radiant Barrier (Roof) - Helps keep your home cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter with our high-tech thermal radiant barrier that repels the sun's energy away from your home.

- Overhead Heat Ducts - Helps distribute air better throughout your home, creating lower electricity bills and increasing comfort as air blows down on you instead of rising with heat.



- Elongated Toilets - Longer is better!  Helps create more comfort on the toilet and is a must-have-feature for those with mroe rear-end square footage.

- Metal Faucets - More durable & longer lasting, metal faucets look nicer too with either a nice stainless finish or a classy oil-rubbed bronze look.

- Sprayer in Kitchen - Add a hand sprayer to your kitchen sink & get the dishes done in no time!

- China Lavs in Baths - Strong, sturdy crack and stain-proof china sinks & bath fixtures.  Residential look that holds strong year after year.

- Curved Shower Rods in 54" Baths - Get more space in the shower and feel like royalty.  Curved shower rods are mounted to wood backing to ensure years of wear & tear.

- Hand Wand in Showers - You asked for it, we delivered!  Our innovative hand wands are small and mount perfectly to your wall.  

- 50 Gallon Water Heater (if >1100 sf) - More water, hotter for longer.  If you have a big family who showers around the same time, this upgrade is a must have.

- Fiber-Acrylic Tubs & Showers - All Baths - Our Lyons Industries fiber-acrylic tubs and showers are one of our most favorite features.  Built to last, these tubs are built to withstand cracks, holes, and stains, while providing support for even the heaviest members of your family.



- Smart Lap or Shaker Lap Insert with Columns on Doubles

- Smart Panel Option - Hard board siding that is termite, hail, rain, mold, and fungal resistant.  Gives a more residential look than Vinyl siding and strengthens the exterior for decades to come.

- Smart Panel Wainscot - Create a two-tone look with hard board wainscot trim on your exterior.  

- Gutters - Save thousands on the future costs of homeownership by adding Gutters to your home.  Scaling the length of your home, our gutters protect your landscaping and help alleviate foundation problems caused by flooded ground.  Direct the water away from your home and ensure that water run-off does not damage your foundation and ground around your home.

- Choice of Front Door - We have multiple options for steel front doors with half-moon or diamond glass inserts.  

- 50" Front Door Awning - Give yourself and your family protection from the elements while unlocking or locking your front door. 


- 2-4 LED Lights in Kitchen - Beautiful and long-lasting, our energy-efficient LED lights help light up your Kitchen much better than old school flourescent lights.

- Chandelier in Dining Room - Add a chandelier in the spot where you want your dining table to go.

- Two Ceiling Fans Installed - We install a ceiling fan to your living room and master bedroom to help cool your home

- USB Port in Kitchen & Master Bedroom - Charging ports where you need it most, in the Kitchen and in the Master Bedroom.



- Exclusive Wallboard Selection ( Paxton Fog, Donovon Hazelnut, Bypass Weave, Aztec Foundation, Lennon Reed, Lucky Nutmeg, Bypass Fog ) - With a wide variety of interior wall color patterns, we give our Ultimate customers even more selection with 7 exclusive colors - only available with an Ultimate Home upgrade.

- 2 Accent Walls or Wainscot - Add 2 panel accent wall or wainscot trim chair rail to your living room creating a fabulous look that will set your home apart.

- Woodgrain Floor w/ Parquet - Our vinyl tile flooring is water resistant, fade resistant, and features a great look just like hardwood flooring.  Messes are easy to clean and you do not have to worry about warping or popping unlike lino or laminant.

- Upgrade Woodgrain Blinds - Get a refined look with our new woodgrain blinds that look great when closed or opened, letting in the right amount of light which bounces off the blinds in a great hue.


- Exclusive Countertop Selection -  We have multiple countertop options including our Winter Carnival Valencia, our most popular upgrade item or our new Bourbon Pine countertops throughout the Kitchen/

- Antique Bourbon Pine Island Countertop - New from Legacy, our beautiful antique bourbon pine countertop can be added to a kitchen island creating a kitchen work station that is sure to please any chef.

- Smooth-Top Range - Clean-up is a breeze with our electric smooth-top range stovetop.  A must for chefs with a busy kitchen.


- Antique White Trim on Ceiling, Crown, Base, Chair, Window Jamb, Sill - A

- Antique White Woodgrain Interior Doors - Our antique white finish looks great on the inside of your home, so we decided to add that look to our interior doors as well.

- Mirror Trim in Oak Cognac or Shaker Ash - Add trim to your bathroom mirrors and create an upscale

- Glass Insert Cabinet Doors in Kitchen - Add fancy looking frosted glass-insert doors to your cabinets in your kitchen.

- Upgrade MDF Ultimate Cabinets in Oak Cognac or Shaker Ash - 

- Canyon Carpet in Bedrooms - Add carpet to your bedrooms or woodgrain vinyl tile.

- Drapes in Bedrooms - Add custom drapery to your windows in your bedrooms.

- Upgrade Cabinet Cove Moulding - Add a refined custom-built look to the cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms.


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