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New Home Models for 2019

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2019 Model· Select· 1016 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Select· 1016 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Select· 698 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Select· 465 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Classic· 2380 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Heritage· 2380 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 2369 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 2120 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 1678 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 1622 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 1193 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 1193 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 1130 Sq Ft
2019 Model· Ultimate· 880 Sq Ft

Legacy makes Home-Ownership Affordable!

Thank you for considering a new Legacy home! We are proud to build affordable, high-quality housing options for Americans.

While we might be the new kid on the block, Legacy has grown to become one of America's best choices in the Affordable Housing sector - having built over 25,000+ homes for customers across the US, including our home states near our factories - Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

The quality & total value of our products, along with features and a price point that many in the industry said "could not be done" has Legacy positioned to revolutionize the manufactured housing industry.

Not only has Legacy been called the "Best Bang for your Buck" in the industry, we have been named one of America's top homebuilders by Inc Magazine, a huge honor.

When you buy a Legacy, you will find a home packed with standard features that matter to your family. No oversell. No fluff. No forced options resulting in more high prices. It's your Legacy. Get a home that will allow you to live your dream life of home ownership, while not breaking the bank. That's our Legacy.

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